Rosaria and Culture – Etna blood oranges

Rosaria and Culture – Etna blood oranges

The reason why Rosaria is so good.

Sicilian blood oranges

The Sicilian territory, the climatic conditions and the volcano Etna allow to make unique the Sicilian blood orange.

Rosaria is an unique orange that it grows in a particular and unrepeatable territory in Europe , rich in myths and legends over the centuries have influenced the culture and traditions : in the plain of Catania, at the foot of Mount Etna where , thanks to the great differences in terperature between night and day determined also by the presence of the volcano , accumulate in the fruit anthocyanins , natural pigments that give the flesh , and sometimes even to the husk, the characteristic red color.

The orange of Sicily is recognized by the European Economic Community, PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in fact the particular climatic conditions of the area and a careful selection of varietal and the accuracy of cultivation techniques allow to get productions of the highest possible quality characteristics that it stand out from the mass production of citrus traditionally present on the markets.

Visitors to Sicily for the first time, became fascinated by the vast expanses of citrus groves of the plain of Catania, where , among enchanting itineraries, you can feel smells of orange blossom and citrus fruits.

In more than 332 ha the PO Rosaria produces oranges and citrus fruits of different varieties: Tarocco, Moro, Sanguinello, Navelina and Valencia; Havana mandarins andtardive Ciaculi well as the Clementine Novaand Monreal, Tacle (a hybrid obtained by crossing between Monreal clementine orange and tarot).

The Sicilian red oranges are great in the kitchen. We find them as a staple food for gourmands menu, poor in calorie and easy to cook.

Territory Sicilian

Territory Sicilian - Sicilian cart with blood oranges

The Sicilian blood oranges are certified IGP as fluctuating temperatures of the territory, giving the fruit unrepeatable characteristics.

Orange of Sicily

Orange of Sicily - Sicilian blood oranges exposure

Sicilian oranges exposure. Blood oranges are used for simple food menu, tasty and low-calorie.

Initiatives and promotions

Initiatives and promotions

The Sicilian blood orange is known in the world and it’s used in many social initiatives, such as alimentary and well-being events because this fruit i...
Therapeutic properties of oranges

Therapeutic properties of oranges

The blood oranges as well as being good to eat, can be used as natural cosmetics for moisturizing the skin and in the prevention of heart attacks and cancer,...