Rosaria juices

Rosaria juices

Red orange, blond orange, mandarin and mixed citrus


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The Rosaria orange juice now available , 100 % juice blondes Red oranges of Sicily IGP (1 liter )

Rosaria now is also 100% squeezed juice from blood orange

ROSARIA: The orange which grows on the feet of Mount Etna, red, juicy and with its name on the stick, now is also a squeezed juice to drink all the year!

Most famous orange in Italy, today, after a long period of preparation is also a squeezed juice just as good… obviously juicy because made 100% from blood oranges Rosaria.

After careful selection, oranges undergo a processing procedure which, based on an agreed policy, transforms them in such a way as to guarantee a product with precious organoleptic and health characteristics. It’s necessary used 2,5 kilos of Rosaria red oranges to make 1 liter of Rosaria orange juice.

Just blood orange, a mild process of pasteurization with nothing else added; the P. O. is able to guarantee the taste of an excellent product to the consumers for all the year.

The new tastes of Rosaria juice: Mixed citrus, Blonde oranges and Mandarin

…tasty, fresh and refreshing!

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So, good luck to all the supply chain, to the Producers Organization, but, above all, to ROSARIA, the all Sicilian blood orange!