Production aims

Production aims

The marketing activity has been commissioned to Pannitteri & C. s.r.l. partner P.O..


Growing oranges Sicily - Rosaria red orange, the red of Sicily

Orange groves that produce red oranges grow close to the volcano Etna which helps to create a unique fruit organoleptic properties.

Marketing and communication activities use the Rosaria logo, also used by the P.O..

Marketing relates to products to be recognized in the market (citrus fruits) when they arefresh and after transformation

Promotion and marketing take the pigmented orange as a strongpoint for the following reasons:

  1. It has in itself the organoleptic characteristics (e.g. pigmentation) and qualities (e.g. Protected Geographical Indication Certification) which make communication and marketing activities more efficient;
  2. Strong intention, on the part of the P.O., to make use of the start up linked to the Rosaria brand, which is largely communicated by the Pannitteri firm, and which identifies specifically the red orange of the Tarocco variety. All this is described broadly in the marketing Plan.