Integrated production Policy

Integrated production Policy

The Integrated Production Policy of the Rosaria Producers Organization has been elaborated to describe the technique of integrated farming which must be applied by citrus-producing firms members of P.O..


integrated production oranges - fields of blood oranges

Detail of an orange grove at the foot of Mount Etna. Rosaria oranges have the unique organoleptic characteristics.

The techniques of integrated production are the basis for the fulfilment of a sustainable farming, which is gainful, takes care of the environment, of natural resources, of consumers and of farmers themselves, by making use, in the best technical way, systems of chemical, biological and agronomic control practices, to obtain quality production with the minimal impact on the environment.

Essential elements for the achievement of an integrated production Policy are: preservation and improvement of soil fertility and environmental diversity.

The biological, agronomic and chemical pest control methods must be balanced and must be “integrated” with each other in order to be able to take into account the protection of the environment, of income and of social needs.