Being aware of the challenges posed by the global market to those who operate within the Sicilian citrus-farming sector, the Rosaria P. O. partners have decided to carry out a project initiated by one of them: the Pannitteri & C. LTD.

The blood orange

blood orange commercialization “Rosaria”

Thanks to them there is an established trademark which identifies a product, the red orange, communicated through the main national media: Rosaria.

In agreement with producers and with a food processing industry, we undertook a business journey, whereby the production stage takes part in improving the value of fresh and processed products.

Our aim is to continue with the business path undertaken, having the opportunity to interact with the production company which, if directly involved, has more interest in offering a product with the qualities suitable to the brand, and therefore to the market.

The production phase is sustained through a service of technical assistance and a series of services aiming to optimizing efficiency and reducing production costs.

Commercialization, especially the one linked to the mass retail channel, requires specific organizational, logistical, marketing and communication approaches, which we can no longer avoid, so the P. O. moves from concepts such as quality, price, synergy, value and sale, to efficiently give prominence to quality certifications, beginning with theProtected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The improvement of the red orange product, in fact, goes through the valorization of the territory which the PGI trademark identifies at its best and which is therefore recognized by the European community.tà europea.

One of the first steps of the P.O. has been to present the working programme to the competent authorities, where the objectives and necessary strategies set out by the P.O. are outlined, in particular:

  • To obtain a product with organoleptic characteristics suitable to the market;
  • Reduction of production costs and of sale-linked services;
  • To improve the value of the product and its derivatives through a better placement of its consortium brand;
  • Orientation towards production and processing techniques with a low impact on the environment;
  • Widening of the social base.

To this aim experts with specific experience in the agronomic, citrus farming, marketing and trade sector have been involved, in addition to the experience of workers directly involved in the P.O., to act as a cohesive group in the face of the mass retail channel.

The aim of the Board of Directors is to proceed, through appropriate selection, to a widening of the social base, in view of a greater involvement of the production stage.